A Little About Me


Hi! My name is Jesse Francis. I’m a  photographer living on the beautiful Olympic Peninsula of Washington State.

Location: Sequim, WA

Web:    www.jkfrancisphotography.com

Bio:  Photographer, Graduate of Texas School of Professional Photography.  Member of Professional Photographers Association, Professional Photographers of Washington, Texas Professional Photographers Association. I specialize in Fine Art, Landscapes, and Commercial photography. 

I love working with my clients to create beautiful art of those special times and places in their lives. Whether it’s for personal enjoyment at home or to liven up the walls of your workplace I work with you to create your vision.

I’ve spent many years traveling around America and enjoying every minute of it, (well most of it). It’s been a unique journey through life.  Seeing life from behind the wheel of a truck while wishing for the chance to be able to capture the sunrises, sunsets and the scenery I’ve seen. The full moon causing the snow on the mountains I was driving through to glow as if they were lit from within by a cobalt blue light at two in the morning.  Never seen anything like it before or since and of course I didn’t  have a camera within reach.

I decided life is just too short to keep thinking that “some day” I could quit driving and do what I really wanted to do. I just wanted to catch my vision of the world around me and do it well enough that my kids would be proud to hang just one of my images in their home and say to visitors, “My dad took that”.  I want to leave a little piece of me behind that reminds them and others that I was here.  That’s my goal for my photography.  I’m no Peter Lik, Moose Peterson, Jay Patel, or Doug Gordon, though I have to admit, I would love to be able to shoot at their level. I keep working on it, learning from them and others. Anything is possible given enough time.

I hope you enjoy my blog and my images. You can see more of my work at www.jkfrancisphotography.com.




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