Prosser EAA Fly-In

My 15 year old grandson and I went to the Experimental Aircraft Associations Annual Fly-In held in Prosser, Wa the weekend of July 20, 2013.  We went to enjoy the airplanes and hopefully to get some good shots of the planes.  I believe we succeeded in our goal and having a great time while we were there.

There were some great planes that flew in for this event. The pilots and the members of the EAA were friendly and spent quite a bit of time and fuel giving free rides to kids between the ages of 7 and 17 during the event. My grandson, Micheal, got to fly for the first time on that Saturday.  After he got over his initial fear he had a great time.  He got to fly in a Rans Sport plane. It’s a high wing plane with a cockpit that surrounds the pilot and passenger with plexiglass for an incredible view.

I’ll be posting some photos from the weekend on my website and on facebook in the next few days. I had hoped to have them up by now but the past week has been just crazy.

When you get a moment stop by my website at and check out some of my photos.

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