WordPress Learning Curve

I recently changed my WordPress theme and I absolutely love it. However, that being said, I have a learning curve to deal with. I just posted some photos I took recently in Port Angeles, Washington. We had our first cruise ship of the season arrive last weekend. Quite a sight for a small town like ours.

Anyway, I posted some of the photos to my Photo Gallery page without any text or article to go with it. I just wanted to populate the gallery page. Need I say it didn’t go well. The photos just didn’t go where I thought they would. I’m still trying to figure out how to get them to go onto the page and display the way I think they should go. So, if you go to my photo gallery and things just don’t look pretty,  you’ll know why. LOL. I am working on it. I wish my grandson were here. He’d probably have it fixed in about 5 minutes flat and have it doing things I didn’t think were possible. He’s one smart cookie, definitely smarter than his grandpa, but I’m not going to tell him that. He’s already got a big enough head as it is.

Later that night…..it’s amazing what sheer stubbornness can accomplish.  I got it! I got it! I finally figured it out. It was simple once the light bulb dawned, but I was seriously starting to think about threatening  my computer with this small sledge hammer I have in my garage.  Now I can finally go to bed.  Goodnight Y’all.  lol

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