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How do I simplify arranging wall art?

This simple trick from Better Homes & Gardens. Simply cut any paper (newspaper works great too) to the size of your framed photography and position the paper on the wall with painter’s tape until you’re satisfied with the arrangement.

Trying to figure out how large a piece of art you need to fill that space on your wall or how to arrange art to look good on your walls once you have it can sometimes seem like an overwhelming task. This graphic from Better Homes and Gardens can help make it easier. Simply cut any paper to the size of your framed art or to fill the area on the wall and position it on your wall. The blue painters tape works well and it won’t ruin your wall, so you can move it around until you’re happy with the arrangement. This will also allow you to get a good idea of how big a piece of art you’ll need before you make that next purchase. One other piece of advice is that your art should fill about 60% of  the space on your wall, give or take a little.

If you’re getting portraits done some photographers will come out and consult in the home with you. If they don’t offer, ask them if they do this. This way they will have a feel for your home’s color schemes and the best places to hang your new art.  By seeing your homes color palettes the photographer can plan the photo session better when considering backdrops or locations. This is a service I offer for my both personal and business clients.

I also offer Customizable Art for Interior Décor for both home and business.